The Differences Between Car Leasing and Financing

What is an Upside Down LoanDeciding whether it is more beneficial to finance or lease your next vehicle purchase is all a matter of priorities, preference, and long-term planning. Finding affordable car leasing options or auto loans with good interest rates can be difficult, with more than a few lenders willing to usher customers into inadvisable payment plans that saddle them with extraordinary amounts of increasing debt. Luckily, Xpress Cash is a safe and reliable money lender committed to helping you secure the car financing or leasing options you need in Michigan, Idaho, and Wisconsin.

The Advantages of Financing Over Leasing

Leasing allows you to borrow a car for a finite span of time while paying lower monthly payment and lower repair costs, as well as a lower down payment. The trade-off is that you don’t own your vehicle at the completion of your lease. Your mileage is limited to a preset mile radius set from the area you leased said vehicle, contracts are typically chocked full of hidden fees and extenuating clauses, and on top of that you typically end up paying more in the long run.

Financing, on the other hand, involves putting money down towards the actual ownership of your vehicle, allowing you to drive as far as you want. It is also a more inexpensive option in the long run. It’s not hard to see the substantial long-term advantages of financing when weighed against the flashy allure of leasing.

How Can Xpress Cash Help?

Partnering with Xpress Cash means that you’ll be paired with an exceptional loan offer that comes with a reasonable interest rate that’s made affordable within your fixed income. Simply fill out a loan application with us and we’ll walk you through the process of securing your down payment for the car dealer.

Trust Xpress Cash to Help You Find the Car Leasing or Financing You Need

You no longer need to search for reasonably-priced car leasing and financing lenders in your local Michigan, Idaho, or Wisconsin area. Xpress Cash has your back, ready to set you up with affordable financing and auto equity loans that put you in touch with the best financial outcomes for your long-term credit future. Feel free to contact us at 877-675-9300 or fill out our online inquiry form to find an Xpress Cash location near you.

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