The Best Side Hustles Today


Finding ways to tack on some side work for a little extra cash doesn’t have to be hard. Using some of the best side hustles happening today, you can put money aside to pay for your gas bill, save for a down payment, and more. None of these are going to get you rich, but you’ll be saving money or paying off debt with minimal activity outside of your day job. Read on to find out how you can pick up one of these side gigs, then let us help you the rest of the way with our easy online finance app!

Pay Your Gas Bill With These Odd Jobs

There are plenty of ways you can put extra cash in your pocket to take care of some of your smaller bills without picking up a second job. These are some of the best side hustles you can try out.

    • Online Surveys: While no single survey will fill up your tank, you can use sites like SurveyJunkie when you have extra time to fill out a few surveys in exchange for cash redemption or gift cards.
    • Etsy Store: Have a creative idea but want the flexibility of working from home? Sell your vintage finds or unique homemade goods on your very own Etsy store.
  • Lyft Driver: Do you find that you don’t use your car as much as you thought? Offer rides through a service like Lyft so you can make extra cash cruising around town with the hassle of routes and fares managed by the app.

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