Actionable Tips to Help Save Money on Rent

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Rent is almost certainly your largest living cost, so finding out how to save money on rent is the smart thing to do. Some ways to do this may include:

  • Negotiate with Your Landlord

  • Look for a Roommate

  • Furnish Frugally

  • Share Food

  • Get Renter’s Insurance

Follow These Tips for Enviable Rent Savings

  • Negotiate with Your Landlord: Before you sign a new lease or renew your current one, try negotiating a better deal. This doesn’t mean asking for lower rent in return for nothing, but there are some things you can try. If you’re willing to sign a longer lease, your landlord might reduce the monthly rent. If you can find tenants to fill a vacant apartment, landlords might let you save.
  • Look for a Roommate: While having a place of your own can be nice, there’s no denying that finding one or two roommates can save a significant chunk of change. You’ll split the cost of utilities, rent, and things like internet and cable. You might even be able to afford a better location than if you lived alone.
  • Furnish Frugally: There’s no need to buy new when you’re moving. Ask on Facebook or check with your family to see if anyone is getting rid of their old furniture. Check on a site like Craigslist or Freecycle to find free or cheap items. You could end up saving hundreds or even thousands.
  • Share Food: If you’re sharing the apartment, why not also share food? You can buy certain items in bulk and then split the bill. It’s also nice to take it in turns to make dinner, and it’s less expensive overall when you’re buying for two.
  • Get Renter’s Insurance: This might seem like an added cost, but having renter’s insurance means avoiding the high cost of replacing all your belongings in the event of burglary or an accident.

Xpress Cash Can Help

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