Installment loans are loans for customers who want a longer time to pay back their loan. An Installment loan is paid back according to a schedule over a pre-determined length of time.

Installment loans are different from payday loans because they give the borrower more time to pay back the loan. Since installment loans can be for larger sums of money, a longer loan repayment period is an immensely beneficial for the borrower because it relieves the stress of having to pay one large lump sum and allows for smaller installment payments over time. Loan payments are made until your balance is paid in full, and you always have the ability to make larger payments to pay off your loan balance early. At Xpress Cash, we make it easy for you to be in control of your finances by allowing you to choose the loan amount and the repayment schedule that suits your needs. With offices providing installment loans throughout Wisconsin and Idaho, we recommend you check out our locations page to see where we are in relation to you.