Cheap Vacations: Follow These Tips to Find the Best Deals

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Ever noticed how some people seem able to pull cheap vacations out of a hat? There’s no magic involved — just the right know-how. If you want to take a break without breaking the bank, you should:

  • Be Flexible
  • Strike at the Right Time
  • Bring a Friend
  • Pick a Major Airport Hub
  • Take the Road Less Travelled

Be Flexible

Flexibility comes first when you’re seeking cheap vacation deals. Maybe you’ll luck out and find a break in Barcelona for the exact dates you wanted, but you’re more likely to strike holiday gold by selecting a general activity (beach, city break) or destination (Europe, South America), and you should be flexible with your dates.

Strike at the Right Time

When it comes to finding cheap vacation packages, there’s no happy medium: you should either look well in advance or book at the last minute. Cheap travel deals are usually found either because destinations want to fill up early or because they have spaces free that are best to fill without making a huge profit. Make it more than three months or less than two weeks, and know how to save for a last minute trip.

Bring a Friend

Travelling solo makes finding great deals a whole lot harder, so try throwing in with a friend to secure the best packages. You can share a room with two beds to dramatically cut down your expenses, and you’ll skip the surcharges often levelled at single travelers.

Pick a Major Airport Hub

If you’re in Michigan, try to fly from DTW. If you’re from a state without a major airport hub, such as Idaho or Wisconsin, try booking your vacation package from a major hub and then book a separate flight to that airport. Holiday companies often add a sizeable surcharge when you aren’t flying from somewhere like LAX or O’Hare.

Take the Road Less Travelled

The most famous names demand the highest prices — if you set your sights on Paris, France, you might be disappointed. Instead, look to less well-known destinations. Instead of Austria, why not try Albania? Instead of Costa Rica, turn to Honduras. They’re beautiful countries — they just lack the same name recognition.

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