What to Do When You Need Help Paying Rent

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Whether from temporary loss of work or unexpected bills, there are a huge variety of reasons why you might need help paying rent. Working through this problem out can be tough, but you do have options.

Read Your Lease

Most of us don’t pay close attention when signing a lease, so dig yours out and find out exactly what could happen if you don’t make a full rent payment by the given payment date. You could have rights you didn’t know existed; but even if you don’t, it’s worth knowing how your landlord is entitled to react.

If you’re having trouble understanding the terms of your lease and your landlord’s legal recourse, don’t hesitate to contact your local tenants council or a housing counselor at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Speak to Your Landlord

Landlords can be surprisingly accommodating, especially if you’ve been a good tenant in the past. They’d usually rather sort out the current payments than have to go through the annoyance of eviction and finding a new tenant.

If you need help with rent, you can start by contacting your landlord and explaining your difficulties. Emphasize that they are only temporary and offer (if possible) to make a partial payment. You can also provide written assurance that rent will be paid in full by a certain date. Keep in mind that you may be expected to pay a late fee.

Explore Grants

If you can’t pay your rent, you’ve probably already considered taking out a loan and found it isn’t possible. If you can borrow, it’s probably a good idea to do so for help paying rent since missed rent payments can negatively affect your credit.

If you can’t borrow, try finding out if any grants are available. Some charities offer one-time grants to cover such costs while you weather financial hardship. Grants do not generally need to be paid back, but they are never a sure thing and qualifications vary between them.

Contact Xpress Cash If You Need a Loan to Help With Rent

With locations in Idaho, Michigan, and Wisconsin, a member of the Xpress Cash team is always available to help with anything from rent-saving tips to eviction protection. Contact us today to find out more.