How Do the Three Credit Bureaus Report Your Credit Score?

Credit report with score

Get A Cash Advance Want to know how your credit score is doing? You can check by getting a credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus, but you might just find that scores vary between them. Below, we’ll discuss: What Credit Companies Do How Scores Are Created Why Your Score Could Vary […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Credit Card Utilization

Woman with laptop and credit card

Contact Us Credit card utilization refers to how much of your available credit is being used. You can figure out your total credit utilization rate by dividing your total credit card balances by your total credit card limits. For instance, if you have a credit limit of $2,000 and have an unpaid balance of $1,000 […]

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Snowball vs. Avalanche: What’s the Best Way to Pay Off Debt?

couple doing their accounting

Contact Us You’ve got some creditors to pay, and that can be tough. However, learning the best way to pay off debt puts you in the driver’s seat and help you protect your financial future. In general, there are two ways people pay off large amounts of debt, and they’re known as the snowball and […]

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Actionable Tips to Help Save Money on Rent

Young happy businessman

Renter’s Rights 101 Rent is almost certainly your largest living cost, so finding out how to save money on rent is the smart thing to do. Some ways to do this may include: Negotiate with Your Landlord Look for a Roommate Furnish Frugally Share Food Get Renter’s Insurance Follow These Tips for Enviable Rent Savings […]

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How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

Credit cards

Contact Us Credit cards can seem a dime a dozen these days – you might pick one up from your favorite store to get some savings or get another to maximize airline miles. But more isn’t necessarily better, so “how many credit cards should I have?” is a question you might want to be asking […]

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Follow These Tips to Track Your Monthly Expenses

Businesswoman working at table

Money Saving Apps One of the first steps towards becoming financially responsible is tracking your monthly expenses. You should: Check Your Statements Categorize Your Costs Invest in Tracking Use Pen and Paper Find Room for Change Expense-Tracking Tips Check Your Statements: It’s hard to know where all your money is going when you have lots […]

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Explore Our Top Picks for Credit Score Apps

Man's hands using smart phone

Money Saving Apps There are plenty of credit score apps and money saving apps on the market, and using one of them can really help improve your finances. Just a few popular options include: Credit Sesame Mint Credit Karma Mobile ReadyforZero Wallaby Credit Card Rewards Take Advantage of These Great Credit Score Apps Credit Sesame: […]

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Do I Need an Emergency Fund?

Woman Putting Coin In Piggy Bank

Money Saving Strategies An emergency fund is something you always want to have but never want to use. Think of it as an account dedicated to unexpected costs, including: Major Auto Repair Job Loss Large Medical Bills Such costs can strike from nowhere, and it’s vital that you have an emergency fund to help you […]

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What is a Good Credit Score?

Woman Checking Credit Score

Credit Score 101 Your credit score is essentially a reflection of how good a prospect you are for a loan. In theory, those with better credit scores are more likely to pay back any money they owe on a long term loan, so a good credit score is often hugely advantageous when shopping for things […]

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Should I Get a Balance Transfer?

Female hand with money in cash department window

Our Loans Got plenty of credit card debt that’s subject to interest each month? Then you might be wondering about balance transfers — but is a balance transfer a good idea? To find out, let’s consider: How Balance Transfers Work Why a Balance Transfer Might be a Good Idea Why a Balance Transfer Might be […]

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