How Much Can I Overdraft My Checking Account?

Female hand with money in cash department window

Contact Us “How much will my bank let me overdraft?” That’s a smart question be asking yourself, and it’s one that could help you avoid hefty fees in the future while staying in control of your financial life. What is an Overdraft Fee? Most people use their checking accounts to hold a certain amount of […]

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How to Get a Cash Advance

Businesspeople's hands holding dollars

Contact Us As well as using your credit card for goods and services, you can also take a cash advance. What is a Cash Advance? Most people only use their credit cards to buy goods and services, which is just what credit cards are designed for. However, you can also use your card for a […]

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How Do Title Loans Work?

Car loan words at laptop

Contact Us If you need funds right away and don’t have any money in the bank, a title loan might just make sense. They do come with a few risks, but they can also help you get capital fast. How Do Car Title Loans Work? A car title loan essentially borrows against the equity in […]

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How Does Student Loan Forgiveness Work?

Student Loans

Contact Us Nobody likes carrying their student loan debt, so the idea of student loan forgiveness is probably extremely appealing. You may be able to get it through programs such as Income-Driven Repayment Forgiveness or Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Let’s take a closer look at each one and explore what you need to keep in […]

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What is a Checking Account?

Prepare writing a check

Contact Us If you’re exploring different types of bank accounts, one of the first you’ll come across is the checking account. That’s why we’ve put together this quick and easy overview. What is a Checking Account? A checking account is perhaps the most basic type of account a bank can offer — you’ll usually be […]

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Do I Need a Savings Account?

Saving money

Contact Us If you’re asking whether you need a savings account, you just took the first step towards greater financial responsibility. A savings account is something you can get by without, but there are lots of savings account benefits. What is a Savings Account? A savings account is somewhere you can store cash that doesn’t […]

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How Much Should a Car Down Payment Be?

Seller and buyer

Contact Us Whether you lease or buy, you’ll need to save for a down payment, but how much should a car down payment be? It really depends on your personal circumstances, but a larger down payment is usually better if you want lower monthly payments and a higher chance of approval. What is a Down […]

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How to Lower Car Payments

Car Payments

Contact Us Car loans now last an average of more than six years and come in at an average of $503 each month. Interest rates remain low, but those payments can still be tough to work into a sensible budget, causing the idea of default or repossession to loom heavy. Fortunately, there are a few […]

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What to Do When You Need Help Paying Rent

Family paying bills online

Contact Us Whether from temporary loss of work or unexpected bills, there are a huge variety of reasons why you might need help paying rent. Working through this problem out can be tough, but you do have options. Read Your Lease Most of us don’t pay close attention when signing a lease, so dig yours […]

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When Should You Cancel a Credit Card?

Canceling a Credit Card At Bank

Contact Us If you cancel a credit card, you could improve your credit situation and streamline your finances. On the other hand, cancelling could actually worsen your credit score and make you less attractive to lenders. The Pros and Cons of Closing a Credit Card Many cards charge some kind of annual fee, especially if […]

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