How Long Does Bankruptcy Stay on Your Credit Report?


One of the most common questions surrounding bankruptcy is, “How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report?” The amount of time you’ll wait depends on the type of bankruptcy you file. If you file Chapter 7, for example, it’ll remain on your credit report and appear on credit checks for 10 years from the […]

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How Do You Get a Car Back After Repossession?

Vehicles on a dealer lot

No one wants to lose their car. However, life happens — and whether you recently lost your job and fell behind on payments, or had a personal emergency, staying on top of bills can be difficult at the best of times. How do you get a car back after repossession? Provided you have the money, there […]

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What Happens When a Car is Repossessed?

Parked Cars

If you finance or lease a car, you don’t own it — at least not technically. If you stop making payments, the vehicle can be repossessed. What happens when a car gets repoed? The bank or leasing company takes the vehicle back from a borrower. This is done when on-time, in-full payments aren’t being made. […]

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What if I Can’t Make My Car Payment?

Car payment

If you’re a little short on funds, you may be worried about loan default and wondering, “What if I can’t make my car payment?” While your mind may immediately jump to the worst-case scenario, i.e. repossession or a missed payment on your credit report, there are steps you can take to resolve the situation. Although […]

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Can You Finance a Car With No Credit?

Car key and money

Yes, you can! Financing a car with no credit will be more challenging than if you had established credit, but it isn’t impossible. There are steps you can take to improve your chances of getting approved for an auto loan, so you can drive home in the car you need for reasonable rates and terms. […]

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Do Balance Transfers Affect Your Credit Score?

Credit cards

Transferring your high-interest debt to take advantage of an introductory rate elsewhere can help you pay down debt faster but, in certain instances, that transfer can do more harm than good. We explore when does transferring balances hurt credit and what you could do instead to consolidate your debt. Locations Contact Us How Can a […]

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How to Get Overdraft Fees Refunded

Woman holding open empty wallet

Overdraft fees can sneak up on you even if you haven’t been spending carelessly. Maybe you forgot to make note of a utility bill you paid or you had to cover a payday loan or title loan. No matter the situation, overdraft fees are stressful. What many people don’t know is that they can be […]

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What is a Cash Advance?

Hands receiving money

What’s a cash advance? Let’s start with the cash advance definition. A cash advance is an amount of cash borrowed against a credit card limit. The convenience of this service lies in the fact that you can withdraw the money as you would from your bank account, with the exception being you’re responsible for repaying […]

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Installment Loans for Bad Credit

If you have less than perfect credit, you know how difficult it can be to get the financing you need for big purchases or emergency expenses. Fortunately, with the no credit check installment loans available at Xpress Cash, you can get the cash you need to cover those unexpected bills and get back on your […]

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Payday Loan vs. Installment Loan

Woman giving money to a man

Surprise expenses come up for many of us — often without warning. If you’ve had an emergency expense and need a little help making ends meet, you may be considering a payday vs. installment loan. Both are viable options but, depending on your needs, one might be a better fit. To help you make the […]

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