Can You Have Two Payday Loans at Once?

The answer to the common question of “Can you have two payday loans at once?” depends largely on what state you live in, as the law will vary across state lines. Here in Michigan, you as a borrower can legally take out a maximum of two payday loans at once, so the answer is yes. […]

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How to Get Out of Payday Loans

When you take out a payday loan, you may only intend to borrow a small amount. After all, the amount you qualify for is based on how much your next paycheck will be. However, things can snowball quickly and it’s more common than you might think for borrowers to miss their payment due date, which […]

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Can You Get a Payday Loan While on Social Security?

The short answer to the question of “can you get a payday loan on Social Security?” is yes  – payday loans require proof of income, and Social Security funds are often considered to be a valid form of unearned or alternative income. Be prepared for potential lenders to ask for a copy of your Social […]

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What is an Income Verification Letter?

If you’ve ever been asked to supply an income verification letter when applying for a loan or a new credit card, you may have been left wondering “What is an income verification document?” Income verification is a common way for banks, lenders, and other institutions to get legal proof of salary for their applicants, ensuring […]

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Short Term vs. Long Term Loans

Woman giving money to a man

If you need to take out a loan, you may be feeling unsure about whether a short term or long term loan is the right option for your needs and financial situation. At their simplest definitions, a short term loan is a loan that is repaid within one year, while a long term loan can […]

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Secured vs. Unsecured Credit Card

Woman with laptop and credit card

If you’re attempting to open a new credit card account with a bad credit score, you may have been recommended to apply for a secured credit card. What is the difference between a secured vs. unsecured credit card? The most notable difference is that secured credit cards require a security deposit to open, while unsecured […]

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How to Increase Your Credit Limit

Hands holding credit card and using laptop

Increasing your credit limit can be a great decision that if handled responsibly can lead to lower credit utilization, a higher credit score, and greater flexibility in your funds. Some credit card companies will automatically raise your limit, but many require you to submit a request. If you need to know how to raise your […]

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How to Dispute an Error on Your Credit Report

Credit report with score

From opening your first credit card account or financing your dream car to securing a long term loan, there are plenty of milestones in life that require a good credit score to get approved and secure desirable rates. Before you start applying, it’s smart to take advantage of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which entitles […]

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Personal Loan vs. Personal Line of Credit

Credit cards

“Should I get a loan or line of credit?” This is a question many individuals find themselves asking at some point in life. No matter how well-prepared your finances are for emergencies, there may come a time when your savings are not enough to cover what you need. If you’re curious about the differences between […]

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Balance Transfer vs. Cash Advance


Here at Xpress Cash, one of the questions we’re frequently asked is “What is the difference between a balance transfer vs. cash advance?” While both options allow you to use your line of credit for cash, there are a number of differences you’ll want to know of before moving forward with either one. Below, we’ll […]

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