The Best Commercial Vans of 2016

commercial vans in row

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us   If you’re considering adding a new van to your company’s fleet, check out our list of the best used commercial vans available to Utah and Arizona businesses. Each offers plenty of cargo space, access to the features you need, and can be customized to help your business […]

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5 Easy Things to Cut from Your Budget to Get Your Finances Under Control

Woman Putting Coin In Piggy Bank

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us   Our crazy lives make it hard to get through the day sometimes, but are there areas where we’re spending money on conveniences we probably don’t really need? If your hectic life has led to some serious overspending, Xpress Cash is here to help. Take advantage of our […]

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Last-minute Ways to Save for Your Next Vacation

couple on vacation

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us If you’ve been dying to get away, but are short on the cash you need to make that dream holiday happen, we have a few tips that may help. Learn how to save for your next vacation starting now, and, if you still need a little extra, fill […]

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Negotiate a Lower Down Payment on Your House


Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us You’ve found the house of your dreams and qualified for financing, but there’s a problem— the down payment is just out of reach, and you don’t know what to do. Luckily, we have some tips to help you negotiate a lower payment so you can get into the […]

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5 Tips for Paying off Your Student Loans Fast


Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us With the high cost of a college education, it’s inevitable that most students will graduate with significant debt. That doesn’t have to mean you’re doomed to live with debilitating debt for the rest of your days, however. We have a few tips to make it easy to pay […]

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New York Auto Show Highlights

auto show

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us The New York International Auto Show, which took place between April 14 and April 23, 2017, showcased the latest automotive innovations coming soon to showrooms near you. From impressive performance vehicles to sleek luxury models and everything in between, it was on full display at the auto show. […]

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What Are the Most Affordable Used Hybrids on the Market?

hybrid icon

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us If you’re considering a pre-owned car, you can’t go wrong with one of the used hybrids currently available in Arizona and Utah. These affordable cars offer reliable performance, fuel efficiency, and the low emissions ratings that ensure a greener tomorrow for everyone. Check out our list of favorites, […]

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5 Strategies for Getting Out of Debt Fast

paying bill with credit card

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us Debt can hurt more than your credit rating; it can leave you feeling anxious, strained, and impact your ability to enjoy life as you should. Fortunately, Xpress Cash has the tools and knowledge to teach you how to get out of debt fast and get back on the […]

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The Best 2017 Minivans in Arizona and Utah

Buying a car

If you and your family are looking to buy a new minivan, but don’t know where to start, check out our list of the best minivans of 2017. These minivans offer Arizona and Utah drivers exciting new features and convenient family-friendly amenities, and can be financed with Xpress Cash – even if you don’t have […]

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Check Out the 5 Best Used SUVs on the Road Today!

Getting more out of life isn’t hard when you’ve got Xpress Cash on your side! Our Auto Equity Loans can take the stress out of used car shopping, even for Arizona and Uth drivers with less-than-stellar credit! The Top Used SUVs for Under 20k With a little help from our loan experts, you can own […]

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