A Few Tips on How to Negotiate a Raise

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Refer a friend You work hard, and you deserve to be paid well for it. We want to help make that happen. Use our tips on how to negotiate a raise from your boss and if you need a quick cash advance now, visit an Xpress Cash branch in Michigan, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, […]

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The Pros and Cons of Hosting Airbnb

couple on vacation

Refer a friend If you’ve been thinking about turning your room, home, or vacation space into an Airbnb to earn extra cash, you have a lot of pros and cons to consider. Learn about a few of the issues that may make this the right – or wrong – choice for you and, if you […]

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Avoid Overdraft Fees with a Cash Advance

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Refer a friend If you’ve miscalculated how much money you have in your checking account and are in danger of incurring overdraft fees, Xpress Cash can help. We offer short-term cash advance and payday loans in Michigan, Arizona, Utah, Michigan, New Mexico, and Idaho to help you get quick cash now. Learn how to avoid […]

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The 10 Most Common Unexpected Expenses

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Refer a friend Unexpected expenses can hit anyone at any time, but you can lessen their impact by preparing ahead. Check out our list of the most common unexpected expenses you should be ready for and, if you find you need emergency cash now, contact an Xpress Cash in Michigan, Arizona, Utah, Wisconsin, New Mexico, […]

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Summer Odd Jobs for Kids

kid car wash

Refer a friend Why not put your teens to work and give them some valuable life experience while keeping them occupied this summer? Check out our list of 10 summer odd jobs your teen can start now and, if you need a little extra cash to cover that family vacation you’ve been dreaming of, come […]

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5 Common Reasons People Choose Cash Advance

paying bill with credit card

Refer a friend It happens to everyone from time to time: unexpected expenses that don’t fit into your budget. If you’ve found that you have an emergency expense and you need immediate cash to cover it, Xpress Cash can help. We offer competitive rates on cash advance and payday loans that can help you get […]

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Our Guide to Finding Part-time Work with Benefits

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Refer a friend If you’re looking for a part-time job to make ends meet or you find yourself with some extra time and want to earn a little cash while taking advantage of the same benefits full-time workers enjoy, we have good news for you; there are companies out there who offer benefits to part-time […]

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Get Cash Fast for Your Next Auto Repair


Refer a friend We’ve all been there; you’re driving along and suddenly, out of nowhere, your car starts making a noise it shouldn’t or even stops working altogether. You have to get to work, and buying a new car is out of the question, but you don’t have the extra money on hand to pay […]

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The Different Signs that Your Transmission is On the Brink of Failure

gear shift knob

Refer a Friend One of the biggest financial burdens you can run into as a car owner is transmission replacement. This often comes as a surprise to many drivers who aren’t aware of the warning signs of transmission failure. We have the signs that you should look out for while driving around Arizona and Utah […]

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Make Sure to Take Advantage of These Common Dealer Incentives


Refer a Friend It isn’t always clear what benefits and discounts you can receive when purchasing a car, which is why we’ve gathered some of the most common dealer incentives to look out for while you’re shopping for your next vehicle in Arizona or Utah. Find out what savings are to be had below, then […]

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