Are There Limits to Student Loan Amounts?

As you begin to apply for postsecondary education, you may be wondering, “Is there a limit on student loans?” The answer is yes, there are student loan limits you should be aware of. The limit will depend on whether you’re a dependent undergrad, independent undergrad, or graduate student. Below we’ll explore the federal student loan […]

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Can Student Loan Debt be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Student Loans

When posing the question “Can you file bankruptcy on student loans?” many have probably been told a simple “no.” The reality is while it can be difficult to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy, it can be done. However, you should seriously consider all of your debt relief options before you attempt to file for […]

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How to Calculate Loan Interest

Loan application

Whether you’re purchasing your dream home, a new car, or you’re in need of short-term additional funds, it’s great to have the option of applying for a loan. That said, before you sign off on anything, it’s important to have a plan in place for how you’ll repay the loan, keeping pesky interest rates in […]

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Different Types of Personal Loans

Woman giving money to a man

Financial emergencies are never welcome, but unfortunately, they do happen. When you’re in need of a solution, you may want to consider taking out a personal loan. The good news is there are a number of options available to you, making it easier to choose one that won’t have a lasting impact on your finances. […]

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Snowball vs. Avalanche Method for Paying Debt

Stacked coins

Are you ready to begin paying off your debt? The simple fact that you’re in a position to start doing so is likely a huge relief in and of itself, but if you’re going to be successful, you’ll need to have a structured payment plan to follow. The two most popular methods for tackling debt […]

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What is a Variable Interest Rate?

Paying Credit Card Bill

Many personal loans offer fixed interest rates — meaning your rate stays the same throughout the life of the loan allowing you to budget for set payments as long as the loan remains active. Some loans and all credit cards offer variable interest rates, which change depending on market conditions and your payment history. What […]

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Student Loans?

Failing to repay your student loan debt (be it intentionally or because of hardship) can land you in hot water with your private lender or the Federal Government, as well as any cosigners who may have helped you get the financing. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why federal student loan limits are […]

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Checking vs. Savings Account

Signing a Check

You know you need a bank account to handle deposits and pay bills, but are you better with a checking account, savings account, or one of each? The answer to that depends on how you keep track of your money and what your plans are for the future. Compare checking vs. savings accounts below to […]

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Can I Get a Loan Without a Bank Account?

Man Signing Loan

Are you wondering, “Can I get a loan without a bank account?” Generally no. Payday loans are one example of a loan you can’t get without a valid checking account, as it’s a type of unsecured loan. That means you are borrowing money with no collateral to guarantee it. For payday loans, you must have: […]

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How Does Credit Card Interest Work?

Man with Credit Card

If you’re like half of America’s credit card users, you carry a balance on your credit card at least some of the time. If so, then you’ve noticed interest charges on your statement. You may be wondering, “How does credit card interest work?” Understanding what interest is and how it’s calculated can help you keep […]

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