10 Must-read Financial Blogs

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Get a Loan Contact Us Today If you’re interested in becoming more financially savvy, we recommend these top blogs to help you understand today’s markets and where your money is going: Credit.Com: The blog at the helpful credit reporting website offers advice from a variety of experts, including the former director of the New Jersey […]

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Financial New Year’s Resolutions: Actionable Saving Strategies

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Get a Loan Contact Us Today If 2017 has been unkind to your wallet, there’s good news; we can help you fix that. We have some great suggestions for getting your finances back on track and keeping those financial New Year’s resolutions, so that you can make 2018 your most prosperous year yet. Check them […]

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Cheap Recipes for the Holidays


Get a Loan Contact Us Today If you’re like most of us, you’re busy getting ready for the holidays and the last thing you want to spend time on is cooking. If that sounds right, try these cheap recipes for the holidays and save your energy for the fun stuff, like shopping and binge-watching holiday […]

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Is it Okay to Pay off Loans with a Credit Card?

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Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us If you’ve received one of the many low-interest rate balance transfer offers flooding into consumer’s mailboxes, you might think this is a great time to pay off your car loan with your credit card and save some cash. That may well be true if your loan meets very […]

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Halve Your Grocery Bills with These 3 Cheap and Delicious Recipes


Get a Loan Contact Us Today Ready to spend your time and money on something other than your grocery bill? Take our advice and try these cheap and delicious recipes and save your energy for something more fun: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Looking for a recipe that is quick, simple, and cost-effective? Try this: Add […]

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Tips for Refinancing Student Loans

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Get a Loan Contact Us Today If you’ve financed your college education with high-interest student loans, you might find the monthly payments hard to manage. The good news is there are ways to reduce your payments and make managing that debt easier. Follow our tips for refinancing your student loans and if you need quick […]

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Tips for Planning an Affordable Valentine’s Day

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Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us Are you ready to start planning an affordable Valentine’s Day celebration for your significant other? Or maybe you just want some unique and budget-friendly date night ideas? Check out our tips and, if you need a little extra to help make it happen, come see us at Xpress […]

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Tips for Refinancing Auto Loans

Learn More Refer a friend Contact Us If you’re trying to rebuild your credit, then an auto loan is an excellent way to start, but you could find yourself stuck with high-interest rates while you establish yourself. If you’ve been paying on your loan for a few months, you might be able to save big […]

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Common Tax Return Mistakes

tax returns

Get a Loan Contact Us Today Making errors on your tax return can not just slow down your return, it can cost you money in penalties and even potentially lead to an audit. Use our tips to avoid common tax return mistakes now that could cause you a big headache later. If you find that […]

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Tips for Getting the Biggest Tax Refund


Get a Loan Contact Us Today Tax season is nearly upon us. That means Americans everywhere are going to be scrambling to save as much of their hard-earned money from falling into government hands as possible. We have some great tips for getting the biggest tax refund possible, but that if it isn’t enough to […]

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