A Few Tips on How to Give the Best Gift at an Affordable Price

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Gift-giving can be stressful enough without worrying whether you’ll be able to pay the rent when the bill comes due. Fortunately, there are ways to get the people on your list cheap gifts that they’ll like and might actually use:

  • Get in the kitchen. Making a special treat or cooking a nice dinner for hand delivery is always appreciated and can be done without much overhead.
  • Take advantage of sales. Clearance sales, Groupon, credit card points, friends and family discounts, shopping sites, apps, and member-only discounts offer great ways to save money on things they’ll love, and they don’t need to know you didn’t pay retail.
  • Create something. If you have a special talent such as drawing, painting, or sewing, you can create a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift perfectly suited to the recipient.
  • Make memories. Create a slideshow, frame a picture, build a photo album, or create a photo book of a special event your recipient will want to remember forever.
  • Give time. Your time is the most precious resource you have and can be the best gift of all. Volunteer housecleaning duties, offer up handyman service, or just run errands as a gift, and you’ll be giving them a gift they can really use and appreciate.

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If our cheap gift ideas aren’t enough to get you through the holidays, don’t despair. A trip to an Xpress Cash location in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Idaho can get you the quick cash you need to make this holiday season spectacular. Contact us today at (877) 675-9300 to learn more about ways to save on gift-giving, how to save part of your income for gifts, or to find a location near you.