5 Easy Things to Cut from Your Budget to Get Your Finances Under Control

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Our crazy lives make it hard to get through the day sometimes, but are there areas where we’re spending money on conveniences we probably don’t really need? If your hectic life has led to some serious overspending, Xpress Cash is here to help. Take advantage of our budgeting tips to get your finances under control and, if you need a little extra to pull it all together, use Xpress Cash’s online tools or visit one of our branches in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Idaho to see how easy it can be to get the financing you need now.

You Won’t Miss These Common, Unnecessary Purchases

If your wallet is feeling the pinch from a budget that’s not quite under control and you’re trying to save for a down payment, try cutting these five unnecessary expenses and see how much you could set aside this month:

  • Morning Latte: That $5 cup of coffee can add up to more than $1800 per year if you go every morning.
  • Gym Membership: Rather than springing for a gym membership, try taking the stairs at work, using workout videos at home, or even taking a walk to the park to save up to $400 per year or more!
  • Bottled Water: Not only are all those plastic bottles bad for the environmen—they’re bad for your wallet! Refill your own reusable bottle and save as much as $300 a year.
  • Movies and Music: Use free online services like Pandora to stream your favorite tunes, and consider replacing cable with Netflix to save up to $1,200 on at-home entertainment per year.
  • Dining: Pack your lunch and eat dinner at home to save big on eating out and pocket an extra several hundred dollars a month!

How Can Xpress Cash Help?

Whether you’ve gotten behind or just want to consolidate your debts into one easy payment you can afford, Xpress Cash can help. Meet with one of our knowledgeable credit counselors to review your budget, get some tips for keeping expenses under control, and see which loan products can help you take charge of your hard-earned money again.

Get Your Budget in Order with Xpress Cash

To help get your finances in fighting shape, contact the Xpress Cash team at (877) 675-9300 or visit one of our branches in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Idaho to get started.